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June 30, 2013
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Monster Academy - Abel by TwilightSweetie Monster Academy - Abel by TwilightSweetie
Im finally done! And down to the wire too! :iconimsotiredplz: I feel so lazy at the coloring but I don't care :iconpapmingplz: At least I have something before time runs out. So allow me to introduce one of my new students I'm going to enroll - enjoy~! ; 7 ;/


Name: Abel //Apep

Glamour Name: Abel Damiri

Nickname: Abe

Age: 17

Glamour Age: 17

Gender: Male (both)

Species: Parasite-Host (Abe)// Parasite Demon (Apep)

Nationality: American of Egyptian descendant

Glamour Item: Ankh necklace

Natural Weapons:
- Apep: Cab be used as a spear or some other kind of form of offensive and defensive weapons to Abe's will. Though this kinda limits him as he is still learning to be in total sync with his partner.

Trained Weapons:
- The only weapon he knows how to use outside of Apep is a bat. xD

- Force Removal: If Apep was forcibly removed from it's host, not only slowly kills him but Abe dies from this as well. (Sucks doesn't it?)

- Synchronized Pain: Can be wounded by any means like any regular human without Apep's protection. Though if Abe gets hurt, Apep would feel his pain as well and vise versa. Except maybe in battle mode not so much.

- Holy Artifacts: Since Apep's a demon, his weakness and Abe's as well are things that are holy - a bane to most demons. Though this only bothers mostly the parasite.

Class: Freshman

Current Class: History

Passed Class:

Favorite Class: Abe - History //Apep - Mischief and Mayhem (Apparently these two can't seem to agree on one class :iconmingplz:)

Worst Class: Abe - Mischief and Mayhem //Apep - History (unless a hot teacher is involved//shotsmacked)

Major Skills:
- Demon Form: This is when Apep takes fully control of Abe's body whether Abe's will dies for a bit or is unconscious - turning into a humanoid version of the parasite. Probably one of the core reason's for Abe's insomnia - fearing it might take control while he's asleep. But this only happens when he slips up.

- Venom: Apep's venom his pretty potent enough to paralyze the opponent for at least a good hour or so. If the threat level is extremely high - it'll be more potent near fatal.

- Weapon Shift: Again, one of Apep's abilities to turn into any offensive or defensive weapon at Abe's will. For now the only thing Abel knows how to is a clawed gauntlet.

Minor Skills:
- Telepathy: This is more of Apep's skills if he wants to talk to Abe privately or mess with his mind, or to be heard by anyone else if he/it feels like. Even though he can speak perfectly fine when his mouth is not attached to Abe's brain.

- Strength: Thanks to Apep, Abel's strength is doubled if not more so than his regular strength.

- Limberness: Like any snake, Abel seems to have gained to be rather limber to be able to slip through. Though he won't be able to sneak on pass by easily by higher leveled students or teachers.

Personality: Abel is a meek and well mannered but insomniac boy, entirely sweet and carrying kind of guy and does have some derpy moments as well who gets rather jumpy at even the slightest if not scary of things. His "partner" however, is on a completely opposite pole. Apep is demanding, loud, rude, snarky, confident and pretty twisted with a sarcastic attitude and the dominant one of the two. Since he's bounded to Abe's spine, he is able to read his personal thoughts on things and will tease the poor boy about it. The relationship between the two sometimes, if not mostly, ends up in an argument - kinda like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fighting with myself like relationship. And because of Apep's mouth, Abel kinda has a hard time making friends and it often ends up both in trouble. Apep may not show it much, but he is somewhat protective of his host (probably because its his home in his opinion//shot) but who knows. Also, the parasite tends to be the enforcer type, such as when he shouts at him to stand up for himself or for not doing anything about it.

+ Getting in touch with his Egyptian heritage
+ Peacefulness
+ Cooking
+ Feeling like he's normal

+ Having things his way
+ Making fun of Abel
+ Surprisingly likes it when Abe is able to stand up for himself
+ Heat
+ The Desert
+ Being so right and for other to admit he is right (pride much?//shot)

+ Summer
+ Food

- Fights/Conflicts
- Seeing those close to him get hurt or worse
- Feeling helpless
- Apep making fun of him (tends to get a bit huffy about it)
- Feeling out of place/outcasted
- Cats (he's not a big fan of them XD; )

- Anyone trying to hurt Abe (or more likely his "Host" as he calls him most of the time)
- Abe acting like a whiny weenie, and lacking of a backbone (metaphorically)
- Birds (depends whether he/it sees as a snack or threat)
- Holy things/Beings (feels uncomfortable around them, but Abe doesn't seem to be bothered much)
- Light

- The cold/winter

 Abel wasn't like this before. He was just a regular human local boy from a city in Cadance, that fell ill due to some unknown kind of cancer. The doctors were baffled by this as to why this happens to a boy at such a young age to have gotten this. His family was poor and hardly had the money to treat the expenses but only managed to sum up enough for some chemotherapy. It was in the hospital where he spend almost his whole life in. And one fateful day - a demon by the name of Apep showed up and offered him something that the boy could not refuse. "You want to be cured yesss~?" it asked with a hiss to a dying looking boy who was alone at the time in the hospital bed. At first Abe thought he was hallucinating due to some medication, but it wasn't when Apep proved by biting him that he was no mere illusion. "Ssso what'ss it gonna be boy?" With that much realization, the rather desperate teenager reluctantly thought of the offer and agreed. Thus he formed a contract with the skeletal serpent before blacking out. The next thing he knew was waking up to find the doctors coming back to the boy with wonderful news - that his cancer is gone and is completely cured. He was overjoyed with happiness, as well as his family followed by his release.

 Moments later after being out of the hospital, he started to hear voices. Voices that he can't even explain himself and is driving him nuts and the pain he feels from his back. That voice, happens to belong to Apep as it emerged out from his vertibre looking down on the very petrified boy informing him of the deal he made - which also came with a price of using his body as a vessel. This came as a total shocker for the human boy - now as a host for a demonic parasite. Few days turned into weeks as Abe iscolated himself from the outside world, with the concern from his family grew as time went by. He then suddenly got a strange invitation to go attend at some school that might be the key of helping him deal with his inner demon that aways seems to nag at him.  So with that, he first sets out to go attand this "school" called Monster Academy. Arriving there at first, he chickened out on the first enrollment. Before finally was convinced to come back to try out again to enroll. But the question remains... Will he survive a school that is full of monsters? :iconheplz:

- While most parasites are either asexual or genderless, Apep is one of the rare few to have a gender.

- Apep first rejected the idea of Abe having the Ankh as a glamour for one - since Abe is of Egyptian descendant, it's too stereotypical and emo in it's opinion. Plus Apep also thinks its down right gaudy. :U

- It's unclear what Apep's actual age is, but he has stated he has been around since ancient Egypt.

- If Apep takes control of Abel, you will notice the possession by the eyes. Normal Abel will have his normal hazel eyes while Possessed Abel (a.k.a Apep) would have serpentine eyes similar to that of the parasite's. You'll also see the signs by the behavior/personality change. This is one of the stages before he take hold to be in full demon form.

- Apep acts like a monster encyclopedia for Abel. Since it's been around for as long as it can remember from host to host, he tends to inform the boy with some information of each monster they encounter, so in a way this is an advantage for Abel to have to be aware of while at his stay at the academy. Only if memory serves him right, but Apep does remember most of it.

- There are times when Apep takes control from a certain half or part of Abel's body while the rest of Abe resists - resulting in some rather comical results.

Mini Monster Facts: These type of demonic parasites take on many shapes and forms. They first find a host to contract with before "bonding" them to be one with them. If they were forced removed from the host by outside means, they will struggle before dying, and thus this also kills the host along as well. Unless the rare occasion when the contract is broken and the parasite leaves the host on its own will and goes to look for a new one. If the parasite takes ahold of someone of weak and corrupt will, they will consume the host and take their shape in their own form. However, if the host has a strong enough will, they will maybe somehow "able" to control the parasite by means in synchronization.

RP Info: My rp style kinda differs. Most of the time it's a mixture of script with a little bit of literature. I will try lit. but I can't guarantee ya a nice wall of text lol. = u =;

RP Example:

RP Schedule: Since I've started school and will be working here pretty soon, I'll usually be in the chats by day and the rest through night most of the time in chats. I will be appearing less on Wednesdays and Fridays though. And sometimes notes work but I tend to forget about them sometimes lol = 7 =;

Abel: Wait a minute... I'm 17 and I have to start off as a Freshman!? That's bullcrap! :iconsawbplz:
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i still wanna rp with ya |D hes a cutie
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