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January 2, 2013
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M.A. Potions Teacher - Remy by TwilightSweetie M.A. Potions Teacher - Remy by TwilightSweetie
I'M FINALLY DONE WITH MY POTIONS TEACHER :iconlawooplz: So finally.... FINALLY allow me to introduce Monster Academy's new Potions Teacher - Remy Samedi! = 7 =/

Warning: Wall of text. :iconwalloftextplz:


:bulletyellow: Name: Remy Samedi

:bulletpurple: Glamor Name: Remy Ibemas

:bulletgreen: Age: 332 (I think .3.; )

:bulletyellow: Glamour Age: 26

:bulletpurple: Monster type/species: Ghede Loa

:bulletgreen: Glamour Item: Ring

:bulletyellow: Natural weapons:

- Ombre: his familiar, being a shadow, has the ability to shape shift to anything according to Remy's will. Whether it be a scythe, fists, wings or fused with him to create a shadow armor. Just about anything he can come up with.

- Magic: Voodoo & Black magic as well as his shadow magic.

- Shadow Manipulating: Runs in the family, has the ability to control shadows.

:bulletpurple: Trained weapons:

- Hand-to-hand combat: Just in case if his magic might not be enough so combined this with his abilities and it doubles in strength.

- Blades: Has a hidden sword blade in his pimp cane. As well he as some probably daggers and the such.

- Shadow Armor: Fused with his familiar will create a dark shadowy like armor all over him thus having more access to weapons at will.

:bulletgreen: Occupation: Teacher

:bulletyellow: Current Class: Potions

:bulletpurple: Weakness:

- Light: Since Remy's powers come from voodoo and the shadows, his weakness will be light. Because of not only his shadow powers being against that, but his eyes are pretty sensitive to that - depending on the lighting though. That's why he wears sunglasses even at broad daylight. But he does his best to remain in the shadows.

- Women: What can he say, he's quite irresistible to them. Especially the pretty ones that catches him fancy. Cute or sexy he'll take. |D//shot

- Fire: Since he is involved with necromancy and raising up zombies, there is a pretty good chance that his weakness might be fire.

- Asherah: He is extremely sexually attracted to her. Can barely resist her :icondatassplz: :icondemtittaysplz://smacked

:bulletgreen: Major Skills:

- Shadow Magic/Manipulation: He has the ability to control and manipulate shadows. As well as with a single touch he can also bring the shadows of others to life or stop the owner of the shadow rendering them motionless if he ever steps/touches on their shadow. He can also summon shadow familiars/demons like Ombre.

- VooDoo Magic: Kinda like black magic in a way, such as using voodoo and voodoo dolls and the like. His most advance one is summoning the Guardians of the Shadow Realm for more of the dangerous types of foes but this is like a last resort emergency use only as it'll drain him. This ability is used only a Baron can and since he's the son of a baron, he's somewhat able to tap into it.

- Necromancy: Just like his kind, he has the ability to raise the dead. But hardly if not rarely uses it.

- Potion making: He kicks ass in this subject If there's a potion ya need, he'll be able to whip something out, as well as teaching it in his class if he finds it interesting enough to lecture.

:bulletyellow: Minor Skills:
- Tarot Reading: He can read the future, a small portion of your past and following up to present times just by reading his deck of tarot cards.

- Hexing: Can cast hexes/curses on an individual,whether it be bad luck, lost of precious possession, etc. What ever he can think of.

- Making his own cigars: As a pass time, he'll make some strange concoctions for his cigars with herbs he collects. Each one he specially makes has some kind of different effect.

:bulletpurple: Personality:

Remy is quite a mysterious fellow to come by at first, laid back, well mannered and knows how to have fun. He’s also quite a Southern charmer when it comes to the ladies as he will at times flirt and be a gentleman. But he will be a bit serious when it comes to something crucial, when it’s needed to or teaching. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t make his class fun too (the guy likes to have fun, c’mon |D). He’s the kind of guy who hardly gets mad, but if you do, somehow make him mad enough, he will display a smile or smirk while he hexes/curses you behind your back. .__. But overall he's a charming, nice and fun guy.
WARNING: He can be rather quite horny- I mean "romantic" towards his lover and he's shameless about it. :iconmingplz://shot Though around students and kids, he may try to hide and resist when he can.

:bulletgreen: Likes:

- Voodoo
- Jazz
- Mardi Gras
- Rum
- Having Fun/Parties
- Reptiles (his favorites being snakes, alligators and crocs)
- Good Ol’ New Orleans food (such as gumbo, jambalaya, crayfish, beignets, etc.)
- Black Coffee
- Cigars (and smoking them)
- Women (especially the Siren History teacher Asherah~ :heart:)
- Kids
- His older brother (they're cool with each other and joke around one another)

:bulletyellow: Dislikes:
- No rum
- People messing with his potions without his permission/ not for class purposes. Unless it’s an emergency.
- When his stash of rum is missing/stolen
- Others messing with his pet Ombre
- Children sick or on the verge to death
- Seeing those he's close or grown attached to get hurt or worse
- His Dad (It's more of a love/hate relationship they have. Their relationship is a bit.... "Complicated")

:bulletpurple: History:

Remy, a French-Cajun born spirit of African descendent and youngest son of Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte, has lived his whole entire life in the cemeteries of the French Colonial part of Louisiana, which would later on to today become known as New Orleans. As a child, he's been quite a little adventurer with a wide curiosity - and quite a handful according to his parents. = 7 =' How he got into potions was just by pure accident. One moment he was playing a prank on his older brother René, running away from him to hide - and the next, he found himself stumbled upon something one of his older relatives is brewing up in the cauldron. His mentor (or "mentors") before him were his Uncle La Croix, and his mom. Even though he would of gone to his dad to teach him this, he'd prefer the other two he felt most comfortable around. And not only that, but he did some research from books he read upon. Any books he can get his hands on. So since then he'd done some of tweaking and testing, and pretty much liked how the reactions of each chemical makes and was hooked since then. As time goes by, growing up, he'd improved more and more the better that surely be the bee's knees! Though it felt like there was something missing that hadn't satisfy him nor his muse... So he took it upon himself and did what nobody in his family would do - leave the cemetery and New Orleans to go out and explore the world. His family thought he was cray-cray for leaving the cemetery to pursue back his muse. Well with a smile and a finger salute, he said his farewells with things in hand, his pet shadow Ombre by his side, and heads on out to travel the world.

Since he left that day, he'd been traveling to many places for years learning new things and recreating the impossible and having a time of his afterlife! And oddly enough while he was away, some of his family members took the same footsteps as he did. Even as the many years have drawn by fast, he'd slowly felt like how he would share or even use it in purpose of life? Having no idea what else he might do, he'd decides to head on back home. But that does not mean this is the end of his journey, oh no. Just when he was riding his motorcycle back to New Orleans, feeling he's pretty much have no idea what to do with his knowledge anymore from all the experience he went through. A sudden wind came by and a poster add hit him on the face as he took it off his face and stared at it. It was a job add for a teacher's potion at a place called "Monster Academy". He read through it, thought about it as he looked towards his familiar with a somewhat interest look in his eyes. If its a school, that means kids are involved and well. Hell with it, better sharing knowledge and teaching them then to waste it for nothing. Well he did went home, but only to tell them he's pursuing a new career as a teacher before heading off to apply for this academy. Since then, he's been doing pretty fine as a teacher and he'll always find something interesting on those grounds...

:bulletgreen: Other:

- He tends to make voodoo doll versions of the staff and students. Though mostly the students. The least you can do is make him mad and since he specializes in Voodoo, you don’t wanna make him mad. ._.;

- If he does get mad and if you want to apologize to him, the only way to do so is to appease him with small gifts such as cigars, rum, black coffee or anything depending on his mood.

- The ironic thing about him is that his symbol is that of a tombstone cross. He has it somewhere placed in his room to remind him of home.

- He his "straight" folks! He's lookin' for a lucky lady~ which he found one already to well... He's been a bachelor for who knows how long and even the thought of kids came cross his mind. That, and it might be also the fact that his mama is kinda pressuring him wanting him to get a woman and make some grand-babies =7=;//shot

- As mentioned in his history, he is the youngest among his siblings. In order - René: The eldest son; Lola: The Middle Child/Daughter; and of course Remy: The Youngest.

:bulletyellow: Mini Monster Facts:
Ghede Loas are spirits of death and fertility from Haitian Voduo (out of the five different kinds of Loas). They are traditionally led by the Barons (Samedi, La Croix, and Cimitière) along with Manam Brigitte (B. Samedi's wife) and their traditional colors are black and purple. As a family, they are loud, rude (but rarely to the point of insult), sexual, and fun. As who have lived already, they have nothing to fear and frequently will display how far past consequence and feeling they are when they come through in a service - such as eating glass, raw chilies, and anointing their sensitive areas with chili rum for example.

:bulletpurple: RP Info: My rp style kinda differs. Most of the time it's a mixture of script with a little bit of literature. I will try lit. but I can't guarantee ya a nice wall of text lol. = u =;

:bulletgreen:RP Example:

:bulletyellow:RP Schedule: Since I've started school and will be working here pretty soon, I'll usually be in the chats by day and the rest through night most of the time in chats. I will be appearing less on Wednesdays and Fridays though. And sometimes notes work but I tend to forget about them sometimes lol = 7 =;
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It's about African folklore, African culture and African history, it has NOTHING to do with nightclubs or ravers, so I find the fact that they rewrote it to be about
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It's like rewriting Michael Jackson's "Black or White" to be about the Las Vegas strip...
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